Fire is a Ticking Clock

Fight  fire with fire

all you’ll get is a flame

Growing rapid and higher

with no one to blame


Fight fire with water

easy and quick

but the damage is done

and the rumble is thick


There is no way to stop a fire

No way to quench it’s thirst

One must sit and watch

and pray for less than worst


There is no use to try

just let the rampage die

Pray to heavens up above

that it wont burn all that you love


Thoughts of a Califonia Mermaid.

It’s days like these where I wish I was back home in California. After school I’d grab my board and bike to the beach. I’d kick my shoes off and peel my clothes from my skin, where my lucky swimsuit would be waiting underneath. Wade into the water until the water was waist high and walking is more of a struggle than it’s worth. Then I would flop onto my board and swim out some more.

Then I’d float…& think.

float for hours

on my back

on my stomach

on my side








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